Cavities on Front Teeth

Ever wonder if you can get cavities on your front teeth?

Well, the mystery is solved! Yes, you can get a cavity on your front tooth, even though it is uncommon. 

Where can cavities occur?

Cavities can occur in any part of the mouth, and any surface, as well as inside your tooth, including the nerve of the tooth. Because people are more focused on brushing their front teeth completely as the plaque is more visible, less dental carries tend to develop on the front teeth. However, there is still a very real possibility of carries developing in that area.

When would they occur on front teeth?

Typically, children who are not brushing twice a day and flossing once a day see more tooth decay causing a weakened tooth structure. Due to this build up of plaque, cavities can develop easier. One may experience more of them as well if they experience dry mouth.


Can I stop them from occurring?

Continuing to practice a good dental hygiene routine is the best way to prevent dental carries. Here are some other tips for preventing cavities on your front teeth.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • After snacking or drinking something sugary, drink some water to rinse away acids
  • Use fluoride mouthrinses
  • Speak with your dentist!

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