Choosing a Toothbrush

With so many different kinds of toothbrushes around, choosing the right toothbrush for you may seem like a difficult decision. However, we got your back. Here’s your guide for choosing a toothbrush for your kid!

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

Most professionals do not have a recommendation on whether manual or electric is better for the average patient. As long as you spend two minutes twice a day brushing, this aspect of it doesn’t make a huge difference. However, if your dentist says you need to do a better job at brushing, need help timing your brushing, have limited manual dexterity, or tend to brush too vigorously, an electric one may be for you.

Bristles on the Toothbrush

Soft bristles are best for your gums and enamel. They are also best at removing plaque and debris from your teeth, giving you the best cleaning experience. Unless you have a dentist recommendation, try to stick with softer smaller bristles. 


Size of your Toothbrush

You can pick whatever brush handle size you prefer, but when it comes to the head of the toothbrush, opt for a smaller-headed toothbrush. This will make it easier to reach the spots in the back of your mouth. There are also different styles of handles to choose from, but that is solely based on preference.

Personalize It

The most fun part about picking out a toothbrush is making it yours. Whether it be themed with characters from your favorite show, or simply your favorite color, personalizing your toothbrush can make you want to brush more.

Make sure to also change out your toothbrush whenever you start noticing wear-and-tear on the head of it, or after three months. 

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