Exciting Tooth Fairy Ideas (More Than Just Money!)

The tooth fairy is an age-old tradition of giving children money whenever they lose their teeth. However, cash isn’t always the most creative way to go. Check out these tooth fairy ideas, including tooth fairy note ideas for girls and boys, and last-minute tooth fairy ideas, for great ways to engage your child in more than just cash.

Tooth Fairy Note Ideas

Be personal

With every tooth fairy gift, there must be a note to make them smile! Here are some cute ideas for what to write for your note to your kid.

“Dear Sarah,

I heard you lost your tooth last night. Thank you so much for leaving it for me; it was a beautiful tooth! I know school has been a little bit rough for you lately, so I left an extra special surprise for you. Hope to see you again soon!

Lola, The Tooth Fairy”

Encourage more flossing and brushing

If your child doesn’t have the best dental hygiene, this is a great time to use your powers as the tooth fairy to ask them to floss and brush their teeth every night. Here’s a sample of how you could work that into your message.

“Dear Ron,

Thank you so much for the tooth you left me! I left you a surprise for your kindness. You have a beautiful smile. I can’t wait to see you again; make sure to keep brushing and flossing for bigger surprises!

Ariel, The Tooth Fairy”

Make it fancy

A plain and simple note could do, but if your child loves seeing the flair in things, this is your time as a parent to reconnect with your crafting skills. Break out those markers and glitter bottles and get creative with your note. Scroll through the links below for some examples!

Letters from the Tooth Fairy

Jerry & The Tooth Fairy

5 Cute Printable Tooth Fairy Letters

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Girls

Yes, money is easy to just give out to your kid. But, giving something more personalized may catch their attention. Girls love personalized gifts, and depending on their ages may want different things. Here are some tooth fairy ideas for girls.

Ages 2 - 5

The little ones won’t be able to spend money regardless, so it might be worth it to get crafty again to create something they can engage with. For example, you could use a tiny box and put a quarter in it. Decorate it with tooth-themed art, and add a tooth fairy certificate for their tooth. Another great idea would be to give your child gold coins correlating to the number of teeth they’ve lost. If it’s their first tooth ever lost, giving them a container to store future teeth for the tooth fairy would be a smart idea as well. Since toddlers in these ages can’t read very well, art is going to be the best way to engage them.

Ages 6 - 8+

Ages 6-8 definitely would appreciate the money, but if you want to do something extra, girls always appreciate something pretty and useful in their gifts. Toys would be a classic way to go if you want to add more to your gift. Girls at this age love seeing their names on things – personalize whatever you’re giving them. Take a look at Etsy for some really cute personalized gifts that your little girls can cherish as memories in years to come.

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Boys

As any kid would, the boys also would appreciate the money. Boys also appreciate the other fun aspects of the tooth fairy and are likely to investigate who they are. Based on their age, they might react in different ways, so watch out for the stragglers who try to ruin their surprise! Here are some tooth fairy ideas for boys.

Ages 2 - 5

For the younger ones who may not be able to read yet, a container to hold future teeth may work well, too. Giving them something to cuddle with, such as a tooth plushie, would also be a great gift! Use your child’s favorite color and make something fun to look at. This will keep the little ones engaged and not only focused on the money.

Ages 6 - 8+

The older ones might also be more centered around getting the money, but to make the experience more enjoyable, have the tooth fairy write back to your child if they do send the tooth fairy a message. Create a story around it, and engage your child with this character. Leave a receipt for the tooth from the fairy, and make it seem real.

Last-minute Tooth Fairy Ideas

If your child suddenly just lost their tooth, you’ve come to the right place. Read below for some last-minute tooth fairy ideas based on your child’s age.

Ages 2 - 5

For the little ones, it might be worth it to document them holding the tooth for the future. Have them place the tooth in a little plastic bag and place it near their bed stand. Take a picture of just the tooth and print it out, if you have a printer at home. You can decorate the picture with markers and glitter and write a note on the back of it from the tooth fairy. If you don’t have time to make a whole fancy gift, leaving cash is just as fine, or a piggy bank to help them learn money management is always a great trick. If you’re running out of ideas, and want to also motivate your child to brush and floss more, leave them a goodie bag with healthy treats- really whatever is in your house- and a toothbrush with floss.

Ages 6 - 8+

Money is the fastest and easiest way to go in terms of gifting for the tooth fairy. If you’re able to make a quick run to Walmart or a grocery store near you or even find glitter in your house, it’ll definitely be worth it to sprinkle a bit of glitter on the cash. Take a blank sheet of paper, and cut it into a quarter square. The small paper will give a quick fairy feel. If it looks a little scrappy, rip the sides of the paper, and add in the message about how the tooth fairy “was in a hurry.” It’s a bit basic of a thing to do, but if you’re in a rush, this will get the job done, and still satisfy your child!

FAQs About Tooth Fairy Surprises

The Tooth Fairy traditionally brings cash. However, kids always enjoy the experience more if the fairy is more than just a cash-giver. Add the glitter and spice it up. Write creative notes and leave hints for them. The tooth fairy can essentially bring any gift you want it to bring; just make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for them to look back upon.

The tooth fairy is supposed to take the baby teeth that a child loses and leave a small payment. If the child is keeping them especially clean, you can adjust how much you want to give and motivate the child to brush more. The tooth fairy is a symbol to the child that they’re growing and it’s their responsibility to stay healthy and provides extrinsic motivation to the kid.

Absolutely!! The most important part for the tooth fairy is to leave a note. The child can have the coins, and receive the gift, but the note is the real motivating factor in this whole process. Get creative and crafty with your note and make it look real!

Usually, it stops when the child has either figured out the truth, which unfortunately is easy for children to do with technology and such, or when they stop losing their baby teeth- between nine to twelve years old.

The tooth fairy can pay anywhere from a quarter to $5 for a tooth. It depends on your budget, and how clean your child’s teeth are!


The tooth fairy can be such an enjoyable and motivating experience for children to learn more about their teeth and have fun. Be sure to get creative and crafty with your notes, and make the experience as real as possible. Leave some cash, or maybe leave some other small gifts for your child too. These tooth fairy ideas are great quick ways to create a new special friend for your child and keep their teeth clean, too!

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