Fluoride Supplement Recommendations

Fluoride is commonly used in standard toothpastes. It’s a great substance to clean and polish teeth, and fight against cavities. Topical application of fluoride is typically what is recommended for children. There are several different ways you can apply fluoride topically.


As we mentioned earlier, fluoride is used in most toothpastes, and this type of toothpaste should be used until adult permanent teeth are fully in. A pea-sized amount of toothpaste should be given to children above the age of three, and they must brush at least in the morning and the night. Make sure that your child knows to spit after brushing, and there should be limited water for rinsing after brushing so that all of the mineral doesn’t get stripped from the teeth. They should also not ingest this toothpaste.


Rinses can also be an extra supplement that will help prevent cavities. However, these are only recommended for high-risk children above the age of six. They must be able to rinse and spit without supervision by the parents. We also recommend avoiding rinses that contain alcohol in them. Mouthwashes, supplements, and gels can also be used. Consult your pediatric dentist before adding a rinse to your routine.


Varnish is a supplement that is applied by a dental professional topically. This is the most useful supplement for reducing cavities, and it is recommended that varnish should be applied every three to six months after teeth start coming in. However, this can change based on how many cavities your child is prone to getting. 

Fluoride is a great supplement, but make sure that you aren’t overdoing it, as too much fluoride can cause fluorosis, white lines and streaks on the teeth.

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