Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth What you eat makes a large impact on your dental health. For example, drinking a lot of coffee can stain your teeth pretty easily. Anything with a lot of sugar, such as candy, can also hurt your teeth. If you eat a lot of these types of snacks, make sure […]

Permanent Teeth

Permanent Teeth Losing baby teeth is a special milestone for both the child and the parents as the child grows up. The 20 tiny primary teeth that your child has will slowly fall off and a brand new shiny set of permanent teeth will grow. These 32 permanent teeth will need to stay in your […]

Replacing Your Toothbrush

Replacing Your Toothbrush Do you remember the last time you replaced your toothbrush? Dental hygiene doesn’t get nearly as much attention when it comes to tools for dental care. We remember to throw away old makeup sponges, but toothbrushes are just as important to replace.  So, when does that line start and what determines if […]

Your Tongue & Your Health

Your Tongue & Your Health When we think about dental care, the first thing that always comes to mind is teeth. But, what we take for granted is our tongue. Our taste buds are huge parts of our everyday lives, from tasting to kissing for some. It’s vital to providing an interesting food experience, and […]

Ways to Break a Pacifier Habit

baby with pacifier

Ways to Break a Pacifier Habit Pacifiers can solve many problems, such as when your baby is being fussy. They can also be beneficial for sleeping and help self-soothe. Pacifiers also help reduce the risk for infant death syndrome. However, when your baby is ready to outgrow the pacifier, it can quickly create more problems, […]

Fluoride Supplement Recommendations

baby with

Fluoride Supplement Recommendations Fluoride is commonly used in standard toothpastes. It’s a great substance to clean and polish teeth, and fight against cavities. Topical application of fluoride is typically what is recommended for children. There are several different ways you can apply fluoride topically. Toothpaste As we mentioned earlier, fluoride is used in most toothpastes, […]


Hydroxyapatite Though we frequently use a standard fluoride toothpaste to cleanse our teeth daily, there are alternative substances that are helpful and beneficial for our dental care. One of these substances is called hydroxyapatite, a mineral that both strengthens and whitens teeth.  So, What is this Mineral exactly? Hydroxyapatite is a calcium phosphate that actually […]

Carbamide Peroxide vs. Hydrogen Peroxide

Carbamide Peroxide vs. Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth whitening is a common process that orthodontists and dentists across the US use. But, what exactly are we adding to your teeth to make them appear whiter? Introducing: Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. The “whitening” gel used to complete this process is made up of either carbamide peroxide or […]

Here’s what you need to know about wisdom teeth

Here’s what you need to know about Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, typically emerge in young adolescents between the ages of 17 and 21. Since they appear at an older age, the third molars have been dubbed wisdom teeth.  These special teeth aren’t always hurtful. When healthy, they can actually […]

Natural ways to whiten teeth

For most people, having white teeth is a sign of good hygiene, and with age, teeth begin to yellow. To ensure that teeth are white, chemical cleansers and other substances are sometimes used that may result in various health complications. Instead, there are many natural remedies available for whitening teeth and protecting enamel. Double check […]